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Dental Examinations in Greensboro, NC for A Great Oral Health

Dentists Judy Greensboro

Dentists Judy Greensboro

One of the things that catch your fancy when you come across people is their smiles. A perfect smile can win the hearts of many. Similarly, crooked and stained teeth can easily put off those around you. It is important to go in for dental cleaning and examinations twice a year even if you are among those who follow high standards of hygiene and dental care. This serves a dual purpose—one of averting the impending tooth or gum disease that may grip your beautiful set of teeth and second— saving hefty amounts on dental treatments once the tooth problem becomes grave.

If you are looking for a detailed dental examination in Greensboro, NC then Westover Dental Group is here for you. The professional cleaning of the teeth at Westover Dental clinic involves a sophisticated and technological process equipped with personal care and comfort. Our team ensures you are relaxed and comfortable during the entire process of examination. Come to Westover Dental for dental cleanings and periodic examinations that will help you smile with confidence.

Flawless Smile Needs A Periodic Dental Examination

A periodic examination is imperative to keep oral diseases at bay and treat the ones that already exist. Dental Examinations prevent dental diseases before the problem becomes serious and it includes the assessments of the following:
  • Periodontal disease diagnosis: The examination focuses on bleeding or puffy gums, tooth infection, bad breath, or any other problem around the tooth.
  • Oral cancer screening: This involves a thorough check-up to examine if any signs of oral cancer exist. Regular examinations help in early diagnosis and are treatable.
  • Cavities and tooth fractures: Checks on any possible wear and tear of cavities and detects tooth fractures.
  • Evaluating current restorations: A regular oral examination helps in evaluating the status of the restorations—fillings, veneers, crowns, implants, bridges and so on.
  • Examining tooth decay/caries/cavity: Early detection of tooth decay helps in timely treatment of the tooth decay which includes filling, crown, root canal treatment, extraction depending on the severity of the problem.

At Westover Dental Group, you are not just a patient but a family! Maintain your oral health by getting the best dental examination in Greensboro, NC from our team of experts! Call us today at: (336) 275-1472

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