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Restorative Dental Services in Greensboro, NC

Over time, your teeth can experience considerable damage from a whole range of causes from poor care to accidents, genetic reasons, and disease. Our team of dental professionals understand how important it is to be comfortable enough to smile and show your loved ones how happy you are without being ashamed of damaged teeth. For this reason, we have put together a range of restorative dental services designed to help you get your smile back!
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Crowns and bridges

If you have a decayed, damaged or a missing tooth, crowns and bridges can restore them, allowing you to smile confidently like before. A crown is used to restore one tooth while a bridge is used to replace multiple missing teeth. At Westover Dental Group, we ensure the natural appearance of your teeth after crown or bridge treatment.

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Dentists Judy Greensboro

Partials and dentures

Many of us don’t go in for replacement of missing teeth because we are afraid of visiting a dentist. At Westover Dental Group, we help you revive your confident and charming smile with our partial, complete or Custom-fitted dentures. With recent advancements, using dentures have become more comfortable. Along with comfort we make sure that the dentures look absolutely natural.

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Dentists Judy Greensboro

Dental implants

Another option for teeth replacement is the installation of dental implants. These are small rods which are embedded into your jawbone which then provide a strong base for artificial teeth to be mounted upon. If having removable or partial dentures does not appeal to you, then dental implants can make for a more sturdy and longer-lasting alternative.

Contact our team to find our more about your options in terms of restorative dental services.

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