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Preventive Dental Services in Greensboro, NC

Prevention is the best form of cure, like they say Westover Dental staff takes extra care of your teeth so you can avoid any possible damage and the need for excessive dental care later down the line. Our expert team of dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants, are on-hand and ready to offer regular dental cleanings, examinations, x-rays, and more—all to make sure you keep your gorgeous smile intact!
Dentists Judy Greensboro
Dentists Judy Greensboro

Dental examinations

 It is important to go in for dental cleaning and examintwice aations  year even if you are among those who follow high standards of hygiene and dental care. This serves a dual purpose—one of averting the impending tooth or gum disease that may grip your beautiful set of teeth and second— saving hefty amounts on dental treatments once the tooth problem becomes grave.

A visit to a dentist to avoid dental woes is not much to ask for in lieu of sparkling teeth. The professional cleaning of the teeth at Westover Dental clinic involves a sophisticated and technological process equipped with personal care and comfort. Come to Westover Dental for dental cleanings and periodic examinations that will help you smile with confidence. Read More
Dentists Judy Greensboro
Dentists Judy Greensboro

Dental cleanings for a million dollar smile

Dental cleanings play a key role in good oral health apart from a daily dental cleaning routine. Dental cleanings performed at Westover Dental Group ensure optimum dental hygiene, oral health and a sparkling smile. It involves removing plaque, calculus, stains.

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Dentists Judy Greensboro
Dentists Judy Greensboro

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays have made diagnosis of dental problems and treatment easy and quick. With digital x-rays, there is no need to wait for x-ray reports, its right there on the doctor’s monitor within a few minutes. At Westover Dental Grou, we offer you the technique of digital x-rays that is less time consuming and convenient in comparison to traditional x-rays. Also, digital x-rays involve less radiation than film type x-rays.

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